Time to go…. hard thing to admit

11 years! It’s a long time in today’s day and age to be with one employer.

In fact, most experts think that the average millennial in the work force today is likely to have a minimum of 3-4 jobs in a similar period.

Even so, I had many different challenging projects over the 11 years, loved my time and learned a heap with my previously employer.

That said I probably knew for 2 years that my time was coming to an end, I just didn’t want to admit it.

I like to think of myself as a relatively intelligent (thoughts?) guy. I also work hard, read situations well and lead with conviction.

Yet when it came to my own career and personal life I had ignored some key signs.

One, I had stopped learning new concepts and exploring new ideas. More importantly, I stopped searching for them both at work and outside in society.

Two, I was working non-stop and couldn’t switch off my thoughts to anything other than my job.

Most importantly, my personal life was a disaster! Failed relationships that were doomed from the start while my friends always saw me mentally and physically exhausted.

I was stuck and I didn’t know it.

Complicating things further, professionally I was having some of the best years I’d ever had. Record results kept coming each year and these brief rushes of adrenaline I felt papered over deeper emotional cracks.

It wasn’t until a series of personal situations blew up that I really felt like I was going to explode!

Something needed to change.  

I obtained outside help to get a different perspective. Immediately, my coach challenged me on a range of things including whether my job was the best thing for me now?

Without boring detail, over an 18-month period I slowly started to appreciate my situation and engage with it.

Tough conversations forced me to realise that I didn’t see a future that worked for either my employer or me if I stayed.

Once I realised that, it was deciding what was next. 

Mentally and emotionally though I was still stuck in a train of thought geared to my day job. I wasn’t anywhere near ready to make a call.

Fear of not working blocked me from pulling the trigger and walking away. Until I realised that I was successful, I did work hard and I was intelligent (relatively speaking) so surely those traits would ensure I would be ok?

I am happy to say that I am more than ok. I am great! Im also really thankful for all I had achieved with my last employer – it was a great 11 years! 

More importantly though, having spent lots of time thinking clearly about my decision and what’s ahead, I know the next 11 will be even better!