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The single most important factor to the success of any organisation is the people who make the great product and services a reality. We have extensive experience in getting this right, and (sometimes just as importantly) have seen the impact of getting this wrong, which means we know that finding the right fit is not straightforward.

As job seekers’ expectations and behaviours continuously evolve, how they assess who they work with has become more nuanced. While this can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be complex.

We lean on our curiosity to understand your organisation’s ambitions so we can identify talent with values and a purpose that fits with yours.

With a track record of guiding a diverse mix of organisations to enhance and transform their teams, we are best placed to find the right talent for you.

Why hireQ?

We build successful teams:

We have deep expertise building high performing teams in organisations ranging from startups to global multinationals.

We understand how important each hire is:

We get that each hire is a major investment for any organisation – whether that be financial, reputational or emotional. We take that responsibility seriously.

We partner as an extension of your business:

We know that we do our best work when we are closely connected to your business. We take time to understand the people, skills and experience already within the organisations so we can secure the right people to complement.

We consult, we don’t tell:

You know your business best. Our role is to define what good looks like with you, lead the search process and coach you on how you can secure the person you feel great about.

We provide insightful, practical advice:

We leverage our recruitment expertise and pass on our knowledge so you can make informed decisions and feel confident through the process.

We help you secure higher quality people for your business through:

Senior & Executive Leadership Search

Mid-level general recruitment solutions

In house Talent Acquisition consulting and capability building

Flexible recruitment and talent services

Informal reference and background checks

Practical employment branding solutions

Where we specialise:

Senior & Executive Leadership

Sales, Account Management & Business Development

Marketing, Brand and Communication

Customer Experience

Digital and e-Commerce

People Enablement, People Experience & Talent Acquisition

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