We exist to provide a higher quality talent and job search experience with an insightful and practical approach. We strive to share our knowledge and experience to build the skills and ability of those we partner with.

Director & Founder - Christian Bonadio

With more than 20 years building and working with diverse teams across customer orientated and recruitment industries both locally and overseas, Christian cultivates talent that create thriving, high performing environments.

Christian believes that the key to a great career is identifying the little things in your control, and doing them consistently well. He has created hireQ with this ethos in mind.

Having flourished in environments where he’s been able to build great teams, he has come to understand what will unlock someone’s untapped potential.

With first-hand experience of how the right team drives results and builds culture, he strives to create practical, transparent partnerships with clients to provide the right solutions that secure the right people.

Passionate about coaching individuals on their career journey, Christian partners with job seekers, championing them and providing advice to help them to showcase their value proposition and authentic story with confidence.

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How we operate:

We have a higher impact

We make meaningful contributions by turning intentions into actions, prioritising accountability and ensuring that what we do results in tangible, positive outcomes.

We're authentic and transparent

We foster genuine connections and share helpful and honest insights through all interactions to build trust with our partners.

We're curious and engaged

We delve deep into our partners’ aspirations to uncover insights that allow us to provide effective, personalised solutions.

Where we specialise:

Senior & Executive Leadership

Sales, Account Management & Business Development

Marketing, Brand and Communication

Customer Experience

Digital and e-Commerce

People Enablement, People Experience & Talent Acquisition

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